Why Union Creek Resort is not the kind of resort many people think it is

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Just what is Union Creek Resort? Having the word “resort” in the name may suggest that it is a hotel, combined with luxurious amenities such as a spa, massage facilities, and perhaps a golf course. While that may be true for somewhere like Four Seasons Resort in Jackson Hole, Utah’s Sundance Resort, or Turtle Bay Resort in the North Shore, Hawaii, it certainly isn’t true of Union Creek Resort.

In fact, we would be fine with dropping the word “resort” from our name to clear up any confusion. However, we are listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and keeping the name is part of the designation.

Instead, Union Creek Resort is more similar to the original definition of resort and one that applied when it was built in the 1920s. Back then, a resort meant a destination accommodation, rather than merely a stopover on the way to somewhere better. Union Creek Resort is a destination, offering guests a myriad of things to do and places to see, all in a clean, comfortable place to stay. We are proud to take this definition of our place, and do not want to mislead or misinform anyone who has not been here. It is never our intention to make people think they will be staying in a luxurious, pristine hotel. We gladly describe ourselves as offering “rustic comfort for an unforgettable experience.”

“After lots of big cities, it was a fun outdoorsy experience sleeping ‘in the woods’ and we really enjoyed it.” – guest review on TripAdvisor.

So, if we’re not a traditional “resort,” if we are not a high-end, luxurious hotel, if we don’t offer the comforts of a high-rise, lavish inn, then what exactly do we offer?

Rustic12Rustic Comfort

For guests who have never been here, we want you to know that Union Creek Resort is old. Like Zane Grey, Jack London and Herbert Hoover old (they all stayed here and loved the place). Go back nearly a hundred years kind of old, and that’s the kind of place Union Creek Resort is. As stated, we are, after all, an official historic place. And not only do we work hard to preserve that historical significance, we also want to highlight it and give our guests a unique, one-of-a-kind experience in which they get to stay in an authentic log cabin in the woods – with a flowing stream just out the door, towering old growth Douglas firs all around, enveloped in nature. And inside each of these cabins and lodge rooms, we decorate with rustic décor and log-style furniture.

We have been in the ongoing process of renovating each of our cabins and lodge rooms over the past two years whenever possible, and within historic guidelines. All of our lodge rooms have been completely renovated for more comfort and a much better guest experience, including: renewing the original wood floors; new bedding; wood beds, night stands, chairs and furniture; new sinks and fixtures; new towel racks and fixtures; ceiling fans; and new window coverings. Many of the cabins have also been completely refurbished with modern conveniences while still retaining the rustic, authentic charm.

“Quaint, rustic, friendly.” – guest review on TripAdvisor.


Clean and Comfortable

Being rustic doesn’t mean it has to be dirty or messy. On the contrary, offering guests clean, comfortable cabins, rooms, bathrooms, and bedding is one of our highest priorities. Our staff works hard every day to ensure rooms and cabins are clean and comfortable. That being said, a genuine forest setting does bring a little more dust, an occasional cobweb, and escalated wear and tear from the Great Outdoors. We freely admit that and work to keep up with the elements, nature, and travelers who are getting outside on trails and enjoying outdoor recreation.

Even Better Than a “Resort”

While traditional resorts may have lots of high-end things to do and experience as part of the package, we like our offerings up here in the beautiful Upper Rogue River area. Sure, a manicure, massage, or yoga session can be great, but we prefer our “resort” activities even more. Here are just a few of the stimulating experience we offer:

  • Crater Lake National Park just half an hour away
  • Hiking and trout fishing along the famed Rogue River
  • Historic Beckie’s Café’s homestyle dining and world-famous pies
  • Rogue Gorge and Natural Bridge
  • Ice cream cones at our Cones & Co.
  • Waterfalls of all types and sizes on the Rogue River and Union Creek
  • Avenue of the Boulders near Prospect

Rustic14We hope this clears up any confusion about what Union Creek Resort is and what it isn’t. Unfortunately, we will still have guests who are ultimately unhappy because they had higher expectations, and we are truly sorry that they are disappointed in their experience. As we have said, we never intend to misrepresent our accommodations. If you look at our website, the photos are real and the descriptions are accurate. At the end of the day, we are what we are, and we can only do our best to present our rustic, historic inn as what it is. And thankfully, for every unhappy guest, we get a hundred more who say about the same thing as this TripAdvisor comment: “We so enjoyed our time at this rustic yet very comfortable inn.”

Merriam-Webster defines “resort” as “a place where people go for vacations.” So while we may not fit some definitions of a modern resort, we believe we really are a place for vacations.