Magnificent Waterfalls

Scenic Waterfalls in all directions.

You’ll find waterfalls of all types at and around Union Creek Resort. From roiling, boiling, thundering waterfalls to gently cascading riffles to barely a trickle, you can go on a waterfalls hiking or driving tour in any direction. There are several creeks, rivers, and land formations throughout the area that make for spectacular waterfalls.

National Creek Falls

9 miles north of Union Creek on Highway 62. Moderate .8 mile trail down going and upcoming. The thundering waterfalls creates mist to keep you cool in the summer months. Shaded, mixed conifer forest trail that ends at the base of the waterfalls.

Watson Falls


47 miles from Union Creek off Highway 138. The third highest waterfall in Oregon, Watson Falls is a majestic sight with water cascading 272 feet over basalt lava cliffs – and you can walk under the falls. Located in the Umpqua National Forest, 47 miles from Union Creek, the trail is an easy .6 miles.

Whitehorse Falls


40 miles from Union Creek off Highway 138. Also on Clearwater Creek, Whitehorse Falls comes out of a narrow trough and tumbles 14 feet over a wall into a large pool down below.

Mill Creek Falls

175-foot high waterfalls 16 miles away in Prospect. The towering falls are visible from across the Rogue River Canyon at the edge of a seep gorge.

Clearwater Falls


40 miles from Union Creek off Highway 138. Unlike most waterfalls, this one appears to be springing out from beneath the green, moss-covered rocks and thousands of intertwined tree roots. The ground under the falls is permeated with soft soil which allows the river to seep in and out of the ground at will. On Clearwater Creek.

Barr Creek Falls

Just a few hundred yards from Mill Creek Falls is the taller, multi-stepped Barr Falls. The water first drops over a 60-foot wall partly obscured by trees, then down another 30 feet, and finally an impressive 150 feet drop to the canyon floor.

Knob Falls

Located between Natural Bridge and Union Creek on the Upper Rogue Trail, this falls plunges about 15 feet into a narrow pool.

Fall Creek Falls

Off Highway 138, the Falls Creek Falls Trail features two waterfalls. The first is an 80-foot drop, and 100 feet downstream is the lower 40-foot falls.

Toketee Falls


Off Highway 138, 49 miles from Union Creek, this is one of Oregon’s most famous waterfalls renowned for its columnar basalt formation framing the two-stepped falls. Toketee Falls drops 113 feet, which includes a 28-foot upper tier plunging into a pool flanked by a deep alcove, and then an 85-foot plunge into a large pool.

Vidae Falls

23 miles away at Crater Lake National Park, Vidae Creek cascades over a three-stepped bluff, dropping 115 feet before flowing under the Crater Rim drive.