Huckleberry pie is here!

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It’s that time of year when the weather cools, the days become shorter, and the elusive and delicious huckleberries are harvested for Beckie’s Café’s renowned huckleberry pies! Made fresh daily, we take great pride in the sweet and delectable flavors bursting from our homemade Oregon Wild Huckleberry Pies, which just became available for the season on Labor Day. We will continue to make them daily through the end of huckleberry season, which typically lasts throughout September.

Huckleberries, which are native to the northwestern U.S. and Canada, are similar to blueberries but rarer and not typically available commercially. Huckleberry plants take several years to mature and produce fruit, and they prefer acidic soils. Also, huckleberries have to be handpicked so labor is more intensive.

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