Geocaching at and around Union Creek

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Anyone out there a “geocacher”? Not only does Union Creek Resort have its own geocache listing, there are another 327 geocache listings within 25 miles of Prospect (our nearest town, 13 miles away). According to the web site, our location “is a large ammo can placed with the permission of the resort manager. Great place to trade out Travel Bugs and coins. Starting out with 4. Plenty of room for RVs. This is a historic area and there is lots to see. Visit the Rogue River Gorge and Union Creek go fishing or camping.”

Here are some comments from fellow Geocachers:

  • Great kid-friendly cache in a beautiful location. We drive this route often, and Beckie’s is always a mandatory stop for lunch and/or pie. Dropped off a TB that we picked up in Grants Pass. TFTC! – FlagFive, 03/14/2014
  • WOW! This is the biggest cache of this type that I have come across. Had to chip the natural cover off the frozen cache, very icy. Took out the paper type swag that was soaked. I am surprised that this cache is still here with all the little mugglers around in the summer. You get a favorite point. Log was in good shape. SL Thanks! – RVBumOR, 01/23/2014