Cross Country Skiing At And Around Union Creek, Oregon

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Winter doldrums can get anyone down. It’s cold, possibly rainy or snowy, and there are fewer daylight hours which translates into more dark hours. Our physical activity tends to slow down as we stay indoors, have less room to move around in, and hunker down where it’s warm and cozy. All of these factors can lead to the inevitability of… cabin fever!

But you can beat the winter doldrums and cabin fever by getting outside and enjoying the exhilarating snowy fun of cross country skiing – a form of Nordic skiing where only the toe of the ski boot is attached. In cross country skiing, you are typically on flat terrain with rolling hills. It’s like hiking with a nice slide on each step, plus you’re in a wintery wonderland.

This great winter activity adds excitement, fresh air, nature, happiness, and much more to your cold weather months. It’s an awesome low-impact, total body workout that can be done by all ages and fitness levels, and is an excellent family activity.

Here at Union Creek Resort, we’re at just over 3,300 feet in the Southern Oregon Cascade Mountains, and typically enjoy a snow-filled winter with perfect conditions for cross country skiing just outside your cabin door. Our own Union Creek Trail #1035 and Union Creek Spur Trail, which are right on our property, are great for skiing along Union Creek in the quiet mountain woods amongst towering Douglas Firs. In all, about 18 miles of ungroomed trails connect Union Creek Resort with Farewell Bend Snow Park (just north of Union Creek Resort on Highway 62) and Thousand Springs Snow Park. There are also lots of other close by cross country ski trails throughout the Upper Rogue area, some right on the Rogue River.

Click here for a map of local trails.


And just 23 miles up the road at Crater Lake National Park is a spectacular cross country skiing area. The park, open year-round, features several marked ski trails for beginner, intermediate, and advanced skiers. Crater Lake, boasting an average of 44 feet of snow each year, is renowned for its winter beauty and draws in winter sport enthusiasts from throughout the region.

Crater Lake trails are patrolled by park service personnel and by ski patrol volunteers. These trails are not groomed, providing skiers with a wilderness type backcountry experience.


Another great winter activity is snowshoeing, the fastest growing winter sport in the world. Snowshoeing is easy to learn and allows you to easily hike winter trails on lightweight snowshoes that don’t plunge down into the deep snow. Crater Lake National Park offers snowshoe walks every Saturday and Sunday through April, and on weekdays from December 19 through January 3. These one- to two-mile walks start at 1 p.m. each day.

If you need equipment, Union Creek Resort rents cross country skis, snowshoes, and sleds at the Country Store. And don’t forget, the perfect ending to an awesome day of cross country skiing or snowshoeing is a hearty, homestyle dinner at Beckie’s Café – complete with our world-famous homemade pie!