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Mouth of South Fork on Lost Creek Lake Trail

The Union Creek area is known for beautiful hikes of all levels and interests – from hiking along river trails and waterfall explorations to the many hikes at and around Crater Lake National Park. The Mouth of South Fork is a great day hike just 17 miles from Union Creek where you can catch amazing sights of Lost Creek Lake, the point at which the Rogue River meets the lake, and the confluence of the Rogue’s South Fork and main river.

This hike is part of the Lost Creek Lake Trail, which travels all the way around the lake and also connects to the 40-mile Rogue River Trail. This particular hike is a 5-mile section (10 miles round trip) that begins at Peyton Bridge Trailhead located along Highway 62. Starting at the trailhead, walk northeast under Peyton Bridge and continue approximately five miles to where the Rogue River flows into the lake. Along the way you’ll enjoy steep canyons, the Cascade Gorge, small side creeks, and lots of Douglas Firs, grand firs, sugar and ponderosa pines.

The well-maintained trail is open year-round and is classified as easy north to south, and difficult south to north with 422 feet of elevation change. From Union Creek Resort, drive south for 17 miles to the Peyton Bridge Trailhead.